Like my catering name, “The New Food In Town,” I too, am new in town.

Integrated into my home in Eindhoven, I am warmly welcomed by people in my neighbourhood (and city) and have a good circle of friends from Dutch to mixed nationalities. It has been pleasant so far, with the once-in-a-while hiccups of missing family, and home and Asian food.


In my kitchen, I recreate Asian dishes, and that is a vast sea of choices, I know. The New Food In Town aims to bring new flavours for you to try. What is familiar to me, is what is probably “new” to you, just because I didn’t grow up with ‘stampot’ or an ‘echter soep’, but maybe an Asian variation of it. Just as a ‘tamales’ is similarly prepared in Mexico, ours in wrapped in banana leaves instead of corn husks. Adding my own little touch to every dish, I would be glad to give you something new and fresh.

When I am asked to present a new menu to new customers, I often begin with Filipino dishes.

As usual as a Hollandse Nieuwe harring is to the Dutch, or a confit de canard to the French, or a variety of cold cuts or pigs knuckles with knudel, in their rightful glory, all delicious food, The New Food In Town offers something different. After all, we are just a few thousand kilometres from the Philippine Islands, just right above the equator, bound by seas, it is in total about 7,100 islands with landscapes fit to grow rice, banana’s, papaya, coconuts, pineapple to name a few. Each region in the archipelago with it’s own bold and uncompromising flavour.

The Spanish, Japanese, Americans, the Chinese settled in the Philippines teaching us to make albondigas, paella, relleno, a cheeseburger and how to fire up a yakiniku. The culinary influences are many.
The Dutch were present for a short period to revolt against the Spaniards in 1647. They crossed the Celebes sea and sailed to Indonesia, with a promise to return in 1649, but that did not materialise. Helaas, they did not bring us potatoes, and rokworst.

The New Food In Town brings to you inherited recipes, borrowed recipes, recipes of my own of savoury stews on rice, to ribbons of icing on a cashew green tea merengue. Enjoy savoury, sweet, bitter, sour, sweet-sour, salty-sweet, a whole new world of taste on your palate by The New Food In Town. TNFIT.


Liza De Lara Quintos